Churchill Photos by Alex De Vries Magnifico

Two awesome shots by Alex De Vries Magnifico from Churchill. The Hudson Bay Quest photo made the cover of Manitoba Tourism visitor guide. The image of Dave Daley, a race organizer and competitor, captures the essence of the race start. Sled dogs are born to run and these dogs are roaring to go.

The other shot of the Northern Pike coming through the ice hole is a fantastic view of fishing this time of year in the north! You can almost feel the grip of winter relinquishing its grip and acquiescing to the coming thaw of spring. Both depictions are truly northern sub -Arctic in their feel.

Alex De Vries Magnifico Manitoba Tourism

Start of the Hudson Bay Quest. Alex De Vries Magnifico photo.


Northern Pike in Churchill

Ice fishing in the north. Alex De Vries Magnifico photo.

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