Notes from the Field – Churchill Arctic Summer

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Moira LePatourel and her last group of travelers in Churchill’s Arctic summer had a full compliment northern phenomenon. “We had the full sub-arctic experience on our final trip” Le Patourel stated. Two nights of aurora viewing and the first arctic fox sighting of the season gave this trip a unique personality shared by a very excited group of travelers. Northern lights become prevalent late at night in August and it’s always a thrill when groups see them in summer. Memories that will burn forever!
Natural Habitat in Churchill

Natural Habitat Group in Churchill. Moira LePatourel photo.

The group also had the fortune to spot and observe four polar bears over the week. One polar bear was swimming in the Hudson Bay and another resting peacefully on the smooth, rocky Precambrian shield. Another mom and her cub were seen over in Button Bay lounging on the beach getting suntans.
Polar bears churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear mom and cub on the beach at Button Bay. Moira LePatourel photo.

Polar bear in Churchill, MB

Polar bears resting on the beach. Moira LePatourel photo.

 An incredible bounty of belugas crowded the Hudson Bay and Churchill River all week as the last stage of summer plays itself out. “We also got to hear the cello being played on the research boat and saw the whales come swimming over in response to musician Rob’s music. All that and the sun shining for most of our trip too! Couldn’t have asked for a better finale.” expressed LePatourel.
Beluga whales churchill, Manitoba

Belugas in the Churchill River. Moira LePatourel photo.

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