Unicorn of the Sea – Narwhals

Check out this cool, short video by National Geographic on the “Unicorns of the Sea”, the beautiful Narwhal. These unique animals have a tooth that grows up to 10 feet and extends from the upper jaw. New research through drone footage has discovered that the tooth is used for hunting fish in addition to other things. One of the Arctic’s most prized animals, they are quite hard to see in the wild unless you go far north!

Narwhals Feeding With Tusks – Video

For decades the the extruded tusk, actually tooth, of the male narwhal has been thought to be for mating purposes. Now, Canadian researchers have filmed incredible video footage in the high Arctic showing the real purpose of  their tusks; feeding. This short documentary highlights four researchers from Fisheries and Oceans Canada describing how they were able to capture the never before recorded evidence of this narwhal behavior. Fascinating!

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