Polar Bear Hierarchy at the Tundra Lodge

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton has documented some pretty cool polar bear interaction out at the Tundra Lodge in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. The photos below show a small curious polar bear checking out the end of the Tundra lodge and then a larger male bear moving in and pushing the smaller polar bear off to the willows. The small bear then finally settled into a nice spot to chill and sleep. A very interesting interaction not witnessed very often. ” It was fascinating watching the larger bear assert his higher rank as he pushed on the younger bear to make sure the interloper knew who is the boss.” ,observed Drew. Just another awesome northern experience for travelers out on the tundra.

polar bear tundra lodge

Juvenile polar bear inspects the Tundra lodge. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear at tundra lodge

Juvenile nervous about large male moving in. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear in Churchill Tundra Lodge

Large male polar bear arrives on scene. Drew Hamilton photo.

Polar bear in Churchill.

Large male bear chasing off small bear into the willows. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear tundra lodge

Small polar bear glancing back towards Tundra lodge at large male. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear in the willows churchill, Manitoba

Small polar bear looking cautiously from the willows at the large male polar bear. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear churchill, Manitoba

Juvenile polar bear finally over the stress…no worries. Drew Hamilton photo.

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