Midnight Sun in Nunavut

This breathtaking photograph of the midnight sun emerging from the clouds on the horizon in Hall Beach, Nunavut is one of the best shots we have ever seen of the northern summer phenomena! The community has a population of around 850 and is located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region. Enjoy! The region is the easternmost area of Nunavut and the name is the Inuktitut word for Baffin Island. Enjoy!

Snow Buntings Sign of Arctic Spring

When one thinks spring in the Arctic, one thinks snow buntings. Snow buntings arrive first on the scene once winter releases its grip on the Arctic. When you see these harbingers of spring congregating in your town on their way north, rest assured the migration of birds north has begun. Soon the Arctic will be filled with various species feasting on the bounty the northern summer provides. So, keep an eye out for those incredibly cute snow buntings and head north to see all the other migratory species!

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