Polar Bear Icy Winter Arrives

Following an unusual two week extended polar bear “season” in the Churchill region, it finally seems that polar bears will be hunting seals out on the Hudson Bay ice – pack sooner than later. North winds and a dramatic drop in temperature has brought the ice in for good it appears. With tension around town growing increasingly high due to polar bears roaming the streets, ice on the Hudson Bay has never been more welcomed! Thanks to Polar Bear Alley and Great White Bear Tours for the awesome photos.

Hudson Bay ice in Churchill

Ice on the Hudson Bay in Churchill. Polar Bear Alley photo.

polar bears churchill great white bear

Mother and cub polar bear linger in the middle of the road. Great White Bear Tours photo.

Churchill Polar Bear Family

With the south winds blowing the ice – pack away from the southern Hudson Bay coast, there are still some polar bears around Churchill at this late juncture. These three polar bear family pics were taken by local photographer Karine Genest and featured by Polar Bear Alley, a long – time Churchill blog site. While we are still enjoying all the bonus polar bear coverage from the north, we are hoping that the ice returns and covers the bay soon. Just like your local pee-wee hockey team, these hungry animals need ice – time albeit for different end “goals”!


A sow polar bear and her two cubs relaxing near the Hudson Bay. Karine Genest photo.


Nursing polar bear cubs while mom keeps a watchful eye. Karine Genest photo.


Polar bears resting comfortably awaiting the return of the Hudson Bay ice. Karine Genest photo.

Churchill Polar Bear Unique View

Yesterday Claire de Jong, a Natural Habitat Adventures guest, who has been to Churchill six times over the last eight years was guided around the area by Churchill photographer and guide Alex De Vries – Magnifico. Alex provided Claire with a unique experience while seeing some special sights. The two went down to Polar Bear Alley and managed to see a polar bear at eye level. They then explored the abandoned rocket range and capped off the day with a close encounter with a friendly fox! Another special day on the tundra with Natural Habitat Adventures! Have a great adventure Claire!

Hudson Bay churchill, Manitoba

The vast expanse of the Hudson Bay. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

churchill rocket range churchill, Manitoba

Claire in front of the historic Churchill Rocket Range compound. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

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