Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

polar bear in Churchill

Stretch time in Churchill. NHA photo.


polar bear season churchill

A polar bear gaze in the midst of polar bear season. NHA photo.


Polar bear in Churchill

A polar bear on the rocks warming in the sun. Alex De Vries-Magnifico photo.


Churchill polar bear near mile 5

Another great close up of a polar bear near mile 5 in Churchill. Jodi Grosbrink photo.

Churchillpolarbears.org wish you all a memorable International Polar Bear Day. Churchill is recovering from economic strife following no train service for over a year and a half. Now with the connection to the south restored, a bright future is in store for Churchill and the surrounding communities. Polar bear populations appear healthy over the past few years and more people will be able to journey to the Polar Bear Capital of the World!

Churchill Weekly Photo – Train Lights

Just like that toy train we’ve all had set up around the Christmas tree at one time or another, Arctic Gateway has brought joy to Churchill in that same form, the first real passenger train in over a year and a half. Reuniting people of the north with their loved ones just in time for the holiday season has been a gift that Arctic Gateway has been so proud to provide. We all hope that this landmark achievement marks a new era of regrowth and prosperity for all Churchillians in the Polar Bear Capital of the world!

Churchill Sunday Photo – Snow Bear

Churchill polar bear.

Polar bear on the snow – covered rocks in Churchill. Drew h Hamilton photo.

A classic Churchill polar bear image captured by Drew Hamilton. This polar bear season in Churchill has been spectacular and getting better by the day. Hopes are still high that a train will pull into Churchill station before the polar bear season finishes up for the year. The polar bear capital of the world is rebounding with positive vibes and incredible polar bear action these days!

Churchill Photos of the Week – Gateway Getting Close

Arctic Gateway Hudson Bay line washout

First layer goes down on a washout on the Hudson Bay Line. Arctic Gateway photo.


washout and repair Hudson Bay Line

Special honey comb soil stabilizer is laid down and packed in a washout. Arctic Gateway photo.


Hudson bay line washout

Covering the soil compartment stabilizer in a washout area. Arctic Gateway photo.


Hudson bay line washout

Rolling the top layer of a washout repair on the Hudson Bay Line. Arctic Gateway photo.


Arctic Gateway Hudson Bay Line

Preparing to restore track to the Hudson Bay Line. Arctic Gateway photo.

Work is continuing and there is a light at the proverbial tunnel. With nearly all washouts repaired, the next step will be to transport equipment north to Churchill.….slowly. With a recent derailment that caused the death of a rail worker, the process will be long and pragmatic to insure there will be no other accidents on the Hudson Bay Line. Churchill will feel liberated once the trains begin to come and go again though everyone wants to be sure that all problems are worked out before regular service begins again. Sending our best wishes for workers toiling to reinstate tain service all along the northern corridor up to the polar bear capital of the world!

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