Churchill Weekly Polar Bear Statistics

Polar bear occurrences in Churchill are becoming more frequent as bear numbers are growing in anticipation of the Hudson Bay freeze – up. The Polar Bear Holding facility is at half – capacity with two bear lifts scheduled for Monday and Tuesday at 1:30 for each. Temperatures are supposed to drop later this week and the cold should be consistent from then on into the heart of the northern winter. This polar bear season has been an odd one for sure with the moderate warmth for the first half of the season. All in all we still have amazing wildlife action with polar bears across the Churchill Wildlife Management Area! 

polar bear stats for Churchill

Polar bear statistics for the week. Manitoba Conservation image.

Polar Bear Season.. Not Quite Over

Polar bear and Hudson Bay Churchill

A polar bear waiting patiently for the hudson Bay to freeze. Michelle Viengkone photo.

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets of Churchill polar bear season has reincarnated itself. Well, not quite that dramatic or mysterious, more like prevailing south winds that pushed the pack ice back into the immense Hudson Bay. This will most likely be a short – lived reprieve as the ice will surely pack in within the week. Northerly winds are forcasted. Most polar bears are already on the ice though there are some still lingering around. Manitoba Conservation statistics below show there are still 20 polar bears in the holding facility. Soon they all will be released to join the rest on the Hudson Bay ice pack. Polar bear season is not defined by travelers coming to see polar bears in their Natural Habitat but rather by when bears are able to access the winter environment in which they live and feed for survival!

Weekly Manitoba Conservation polar bear statistics.

Weekly Manitoba Conservation polar bear statistics. Manitoba Conservation image.

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