Polar Bear Love Video- Happy Holidays

This amazing polar bear video filmed around Wapusk National Park in Manitoba near Churchill is just right to get everyone in the holiday mood. Watching these playful polar bear cubs interact with their mother and with each other really inspires the feeling of the coming season. With all the stress that accompanies the hustle and bustle of this time of year, watching this footage from Parcs Canada will surely put you in a relaxed mood. Enjoy!


Churchill Video of the Week-Polar Bear and a Spy Cam

A curious polar bear on the pack – ice investigates and then dismantles a spy cam set up on a powered pod. The footage of the bear up close is pretty cool and funny as well. Since there’s generally not much movement out on the ice anything will catch a bears attention. Polar bears sense of smell is strong and any new odors will attract them. Have a look at this funny polar bear video!

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