Churchill Sunday Photos – Birds Galore

Rhonda Reid in Churchill keeps surprising us with amazing bird images from Churchill. These new avian arrivals to the Churchill region are some rare ones and these are just fabulous shots out on the tundra.Churchill spring and summer provides one of the best places on the planet to birdwatch at the highest level. This is for pros and beginners alike to check the bird-lists at a furious rate with over 200 species landing here for the Churchill Arctic summer! Enjoy!

short billed dowitcher and lesser yellowlegs

Lesser yellowlegs and short billed dowitcher resting together on a rock in a thermakarst. Rhonda Reid photo.

sora rail R Reid

Very rare sora rail in the grass in Churchill. Rhonda Reid Churchill.

Red Necked Phalarope R Reid

Red necked phalarope in Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Marbled Godwits R Reid

Marbled godwits foraged in the shallows of a tundra thermakarst. Rhonda Reid photo.

H Godwir R Reid

Signs of Spring in Churchill

Here are some more images of spring in Churchill by Rhonda Reid. Typically a fairly relaxed time of year in the frontier town, we have been blessed with a constant flow of amazing bird photos and natural beauty that begins to emerge from the tundra. Keep posted for more images and news from the oncoming exciting Churchill Arctic summer!

rough legged hawk in Churchill, Manitoba

Rough legged hawk dries its’ wings atop a telephone pole. Rhonda Reid photo.

grass of parnassus churchill, Manitoba

Grass of Parnassus in Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Churchill Sunday Photos

These photos from Churchill photographer Rhonda Reid are from this past week. The prodigious Churchill wildlife is increasing as the region starts to come out of winters freeze. Even though snow fell a few days ago it won’t be long before life in all forms blooms and reveals itself around the tundra. Looking forward to more images as wildlife arrives all around the region.

Rough legged hawk churchill, Manitoba

Rough legged hawk atop a spruce tree . Rhonda Reid photo.

Mallard ducks in Churchill

Mallard duck pair in Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Caribou crossing Churchill river

Caribou crossing the Churchill River. Rhonda Reid photo.

Mallards in the water. Rhonda Reid photo.

Mallards in the water. Rhonda Reid photo.

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