Churchill Video of the Week – Macri’s Whales

This throwback video features the original Sea North Tours founder MIke Macri and his thoughts on the majestic beluga whales of the Churchill estuaries. Mike has since sold Sea North and is “gone fishin” after decades of running the best beluga whale watching outfit in Churchill. I’ve spent many summers with Mike and his family and they are truly missed in the Churchill community. However, thousands of belugas are still returning to Churchill every summer and after interpreting their sounds via a hydrophone, they all miss Mike and the family as well!

Sea North Tours – Beluga Whale Watch

Sea North Tours operates fantastic beluga whale watching trips on the Churchill River and Hudson Bay for groups like Natural Habitat Adventures. Their small group format allows travelers to get up close and personal with the belugas and other wildlife. The Sea North 2 carries 30 or so passengers and gives photographers a different vantage point from above the water while the Italian – made zodiacs can approach the whales within touching distance. Belugas enjoy following the slipstream from the zodiac’s outboard motor and sometimes three or four at a time troll behind in the bubbly wake. Every day on the water in Churchill is a different experience. Stay tuned for more unique wildlife photos from Sea North Tours!

Beluga in Churchill

Beluga underwater in the Churchill River. Sea North Tours photo.


Beluga whales in Churchill

Beluga whales at the bow in Churchill on the water. Sea North Tours photo.


Belugas on the Hudson Bay

The Sea North 2 watching a pod of beluga whales on the Hudson Bay. Sea North Tours photo.



Sea North Tours zodiac trip

Sea North Tours zodiac on the Churchill River by the Port of Churchill. Sea North Tours photo.

Churchill Beluga Whale and Bear Photo

Churchill photographer and guide Alex De Vries – Magnifico captured this rare shot of a polar bear and beluga whales in the same frame. As a Churchill Arctic Summer guide for Natural Habitat Adventures for over a decade, I only encountered a polar bear in the water a few times. Of those amazing encounters I never was able to frame a photo with both animals in the shot.

This sequence is rare since polar bears have little chance of catching a beluga whale in the open water. There have been some reports of polar bears nabbing a whale in the shallows when unsuspecting belugas venture too close to the shoreline. Most of the whale carcasses with polar bears scavenging seen in photos are whales that have beached from sickness resulting in death.

Alex, working as a guide for Sea North Tours, has access to incredible interactions while driving a zodiac on whale watching groups on the Churchill River and out in the Hudson Bay. When something as rare as this occurs very few have the ability to get the shot. Alex reacted and definitely nailed an fantastic image. Enjoy!

belugas and polar bear churchill, MAnitoba

A polar bear swims towards beluga whales in the Churchill River. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Polar Bear Video from Churchill River

Summer on the Churchill River is predominately for beluga whale watching. However, occasionally each season presents the amazing opportunity to view polar bears on the rocks around Cape Merry or Eskimo Point just north of Fort Prince of Wales across river. This video was filmed by Sea North Tours near Eskimo Point and the sow and cub polar bears are in clear view. What an unbelievable experience for all travelers lucky enough to be aboard the zodiacs in Churchill!

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