Polar Bears Across and Above the Tundra

Polar bear season in Churchill is now in full swing as the colder temperatures are more prevalent around the region.Tundra ponds or thermokarsts are all frozen in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and the polar bears are active with massive sparring bouts thrilling travelers. The Churchill River is also almost frozen after initially forming around the spit of Cape Merry.Some pack ice is also beginning to form in the Hudson Bay which is about a week early by some accounts.

Natural Habitat Adventures guides are having success at locating polar bears near the Tundra Lodge where sparring has been a daily attraction. Guide Justin Gibson commented, “there were more bears than I have ever seen at the lodge this early in the season”, sparring non – stop. Bear viewing in general has been “awesome” according to Justin.With more and more polar bears arriving to the area each day it will only get better!

Enjoy these fresh photos from Churchill by Justin!

Polar bear in Churchill

Poalr bear afraid to look at all the polar rovers. Justin Gibson photo.

Polar bear churchill wildlife management area

Sparring polar bears near the tundra lodge in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Justin Gibson photo.

Natural Habitat tundra lodge group

Natural Habitat Adventures Tundra Lodge group posing in front of inukshuk by the Hudson Bay. Justin Gibson photo.

polar bear lift in churchill

Manitoba Conservation netting a few polar bears for a lift. Justin GIbson photo.

polar bear lift in Churchill

Polar bear lift in Churchill. Justin Gibson photo.

polar bear lift in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear lift just about to leave the ground in Churchill. Justin Gibson photo.

Arctic Wildlife After the Storm In Churchill

Natural Habitat group led by guide Karen Walker experienced some diverse weather as they journeyed to Churchill, Manitoba this week. Despite the blizzard-like conditions, the group of travelers braved the wind and cold in order to do some exploring on land. “We had a storm on our Town and Area tour day, but the group trekked out to Cape Merry, across the snow-covered rocks to the Battery,” reported Karen.  Many guests also got out for several photos throughout the day.

A group of Natural Habitat travelers at the battery outpost on Cape Merry.

Natural Habitat group at the Cape Merry battery. Karen Walker photo.

A polar bear checks out Natural Habita's Polar rover in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear aside the Polar rover in Churchill, MB. Karen Walker photo.

Following an exciting week of wildlife viewing and northern cultural encounters, the group experienced a beautiful afternoon on the tundra on their last day in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. The sun came out and highlighted the snow and frozen thermokarsts across the tundra. Calmer weather prevailed toward week’s end and Arctic animals were out and about all day. “We spotted an arctic hare running through the willows and a red fox on both of our drives to and from town.  Several polar bears were napping and digging in the kelp, and we also had a couple bears visit our rover,” stated Karen. “On our departure day, another blizzard hit ushering in tremendous winds and blowing snow, but we made it safely out of Churchill with only a half hour delay.”

A curious polar bear checks out a Polar rover in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear investigating the polar rover. Karen Walker photo.

The group kept high spirits up throughout the trip while experiencing some wicked Arctic weather. Experiencing the harsh environment accentuates how animals in this region need to be opportunistic in their daily lives…every decision makes a difference.

After a blizzard in Churchill, MAnitoba.

View of the Port of Churchill grain storage building. Karen Walker photo.

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