Arctic Art Alert- Whitehorse Horse

The abundance of exhilarating art in the north has necessitated a periodic new posting on We will feature different stories of artists and their art that is prolific all over the Arctic and sub – Arctic. This week’s feature is this amazing found – object art metal horse known as the Whitehorse horse as it’s at the top of Two Mile Hill in Whitehorse,YT created by artist Daphne Mennell and welder Roger Poole. The sculpture is made from donated recycled materials and was dedicated in 2011.

Whitehorse horse Daphne Mennell.

The Whitehorse horse by artist Daphne Mennell. CBC north photo.


Whitehorse horse placard.

Placard at the Whitehorse horse. Sue Spargo photo.


Whitehorse horse Daphne Mennell.

Close – up of the Whitehorse horse by Daphne Mennell. Sue Spargo photo.

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