Churchill webcam and beluga whale video

Here’s an amazing live look at Churchill, Manitoba from the lens of the rotating webcam mounted above the town. Spectacular views of the Churchill River, town center and the Hudson Bay give a year -round view of the frontier sub-arctic town.


With beluga whale season rapidly approaching, take a look at this cool video posted a year ago. A comprehensive look at what one can do out on the Churchill River and Hudson Bay. Not quite 50,000 whales come to the Churchill estuary but there are still plenty to go around in this little known wildlife experience.

Hudson Bay Quest underway

The annual Hudson Bay Quest between Churchill and Gillam started today and is expected to run over the the next two to three days. This year the Quest left from Churchill and the mushers and dog-teams will travel across the tundra to Gillam.

Check out the footage from the webcam with a birds-eye view of the race start in Churchill.

Here’s a list of the racers into the McClintock checkpoint.

McClintock Checkpoint
Bib#1 Ryan Anderson in 21:29
Bib#2 David Daley in 23:19
Bib#3 Justin Allen
Bib#4 Dan DiMuzio in 23:19
Bib#5 Blake Freking in 21:52
Bib#6 Ernest Azure in 20:40
Bib#7 Peter McClelland in 21:33
Bib#8 Bob Shanahan
Bib#9 Jim Oehlschlaeger in 23:19
Bib#10 Jacob Heigers
Bib#11 Josh Compton in 22:06
Bib#12 Troy Groeneveld in 21:36
Bib#13 Kevin Malikowski in 22:44
Bib#14 Charlie Lundie in 22:11
Bib#15 Shawn McCarty

A video near the start from Katie DeMeulles in Churchill.

These were the times for Lamprey checkpoint:

Bib#1 Ryan Anderson in 14:33 out 16:21
Bib#2 David Daley in 15:15 out 15:16
Bib#3 Justin Allen in 15:30 and resting
Bib#4 Dan DiMuzio in 15:09 out 15:15
Bib#5 Blake Freking in 14:45 and resting
Bib#6 Ernest Azure in 14:47 out 14:52
Bib#7 Peter McClelland in 14:55 and resting
Bib#8 Bob Shanahan in 15:42 and resting
Bib#9 Jim Oehlschlaeger in 15:13 and resting
Bib#10 Jacob Heigers not yet in
Bib#11 Josh Compton not yet in
Bib#12 Troy Groeneveld in 16:16 out 16:17
Bib#13 Kevin Malikowski in 16:02 and resting
Bib#14 Charlie Lundie in 15:44 out 15:46
Bib#15 Shawn McCarty in 15:40 out 15:44

A Natural Habitat Adventures group lead by Annie Van Dinther was lucky enough to be present at the start and decided a group photo was a way to celebrate.

Natural Habitat aurora group.

Natural Habitat aurora group.

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