Churchill Northern Lights Season Blazing

The highly anticipated northern lights season in Churchill is underway and off to a roaring start. Last night Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton and his group of travelers spent the evening out at Wapusk Adventures sled -dog yard with owner and musher Dave Daley. The area is set up nicely for an evening of aurora watching and photography.

Dave is an excellent educator on the history and care of the northern husky sled dogs. An evening with him conveying this and his love for his 40 plus dogs melded with the spectacular aurora borealis above is “enlightening”.to say the least.

These beautiful northern lights shots by Drew are just the start to what will hopefully eclipse the incredible season we had last year. Enjoy!

Wapusk Adventures Chrchill northern lights

Tee pee and northern lights at Wapusk Adventures. Drew Hamilton photo.

northern lights wapusk adventures churchill

Northern lights over the boreal forest at Wapusk Adventures in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

Wapusk Adventures northern lights in Churchill

Aurora borealis shining brightly over the Wapusk Adventures dog yard. Drew Hamilton photo.

drew hamilton northern lights churchill, manitoba

Waves of northern lights paint the sky above Wapusk and the snowy boreal forest in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

aurora borealis and Wapusk tee pee in Churchill

Profile of tee pee with the aurora shining brightly above the boreal forest. Drew Hamilton photo.


Churchill Photos by Alex De Vries Magnifico

Two awesome shots by Alex De Vries Magnifico from Churchill. The Hudson Bay Quest photo made the cover of Manitoba Tourism visitor guide. The image of Dave Daley, a race organizer and competitor, captures the essence of the race start. Sled dogs are born to run and these dogs are roaring to go.

The other shot of the Northern Pike coming through the ice hole is a fantastic view of fishing this time of year in the north! You can almost feel the grip of winter relinquishing its grip and acquiescing to the coming thaw of spring. Both depictions are truly northern sub -Arctic in their feel.

Alex De Vries Magnifico Manitoba Tourism

Start of the Hudson Bay Quest. Alex De Vries Magnifico photo.


Northern Pike in Churchill

Ice fishing in the north. Alex De Vries Magnifico photo.

Churchill Sunday Photo

A great shot of race organizer and musher Dave Daley from Wapusk Adventures in Churchill. This year’s race was another tremendous showing by all mushers and volunteers. Looking forward to next year with the finish in Churchill!

Hudson Bay Quest Churchill, Manitoba

Dave Daley leaving the satrt in Churchill. Nace Hageman photo.

Hudson Bay Quest Dogs Fearless on Trail

Owl River Update:
Bib # 7 Ryan Anderson in 0750, out 0750
Bib # 5 Shawn McCarty in 0939, out 0941
Bib # 9 Stefaan De Marie in 0947, out 0948
Bib # 10 Nathaniel Hamlyn in 1004, out 1004
Bib # 4 Dan Di Muzio 1009, out 1009
Bib # 11 Peter McClelland in 1014, out 1115
Bib # 1 Charlie Lundie in 1100, and resting

Ryan Anderson from Ray, Minnesota is leading the pack of mushers surging toward Gillam, Manitoba as the annual Hudson Bay Quest dog – sled race enters the final stages today. He leads Shawn McCarty from Ely, Minnesota by nearly two hours en route to the finish line. Both mushers are past Hudson Bay Quest champions. Last year the two finished third and seventh respectively. A battle between the seasoned mushers will culminate this evening in Gillam around dinnertime. Peter McClelland, also from Ely, Minnesota is a close third just minutes behind McCarty. Churchill mushers Dave Daley and Justin Allen are forging along just behind the main pack with respectable times. These placements could change quickly as teams rest along the course. To view updated race standings go to

Hudson Bay Quest in Churchill, Manitoba

The Hudson Bay Quest start in Churchill. Alex De Vries – magnifico photo.

Hudson Bay Quest start line Churchill, Manitoba

Dave Daley’s dogs raring to go at the Hudson Bay Quest start line. Ales De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Hudson Bay Quest Churchill, Manitoba

Justin Allen from Churchill tears out of the gate in the Hudson Bay Quest. Drew Hamilton photo.

Hudson Bay Quest Natural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures group arrives just in time Thursday for the Hudson Bay Quest start in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

Hudson Bay Quest Churchill, Manitoba

Justin cruising along in the HBQ. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

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