A daily field report on polar bears from our guide Steve Selden in our Churchill, Manitoba office! Check out our polar bear tours here.

polar bear Churchill

Polar bear in paradise. Dennis Minty photo.

Traffic reports from the tundra and the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA) reported free and easy polar bear movement on the coastal road yet heavy congestion on the inland road to Gordon Point. Guide Eric reports a mother and two cubs situated smack in the middle of the trail while his rover maneuvered for position to view the spectacle. As the morning progressed, about eight other bears came and went, much to the contentment of all onlookers. At one point, curious cubs visited rovers one by one. Due to temps once again around 31°F, the bear movement was slower than normal and momma decided to have a little fun with our travelers. This is one traffic jam nobody complained about, however. As Guides Brent, Sue and Eric camped out in their rovers and enjoyed lunch, momma and cubs were happy to pose for photos. Film at eleven.

Guide Jared and group were away from the others out on the coast and thoroughly enjoyed watching a big 700-pound male polar bear splash around in the water. Two Arctic Fox meandered by during the afternoon as well. Snow buntings here and there also caught the attention of the group.

Back in town, cracker shells once again rang out sporadically in the snow and fog while Conservation trucks buzzed around the streets. Bears are very healthy this year but that hasn’t kept them from coming into town. Curiosity and aromas lure the animals into town and Bear patrol (675-BEAR) works tirelessly to keep them out. Incredible controlled chaos in the north.

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