northern lights churchill

Northern lights illuminate the Canadian Shield in Churchill. Discover Churchill photo.

Omitted from last night’s report was the astounding aurora action that took place at around 9:30 PM. Guides gathered their groups at the Northern Nights hotel and Hudson Square outside the Seaport Hotel. A magnificent green swath across the sky brightened and faded for two hours or more while oohs and ahhs filled the fairly warm (26F) air. This was easily the premier aurora display of the season so far…no question. Guides Melissa, Brent, Karen, Scott and Paul all had some very thrilled folks on hand. The Tundra Lodge also reported a surreal happening with shadowy bears glimmering under the greenish glowing sky. Wild times.

The following day began with a soothing glow of sun flowing into town right down Kelsey Blvd. The marbled sky allowed for amazing golden light with long shadows over the snowy tundra throughout the day. As the day ebbed, Guide Karen and group framed a big male polar in the foreground with the orange glow of the sunset filling the sky. The day was punctuated mainly by mothers and cubs extremely wary of male bears all over the land. This area out towards Gordon Point had numerous family’s evading the aggressive males by running away. “Too many bears to count” was how Karen summed up the experience.

Guide Paul and his travelers also were came upon numerous mothers with cubs both around the lodge and out towards Gordon Point. Sheer numbers were difficult to count( easily 30) and bears were moving on the land. The excellent light was perfect for the avid photographers in the group.

From the air on our helicopter excursions, travelers were seeing numerous bears all over the tundra in Wapusk National Park. The talk of the trips for days has been a moose kill being fed on predominantly by a mom and two cubs. Occasionally single bears were spotted but mostly the family unit. When groups were close by overhead, some witnessed the red muzzles of the animals when they glanced skyward at the chopper. Need a napkin momma?

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