The Winnipeg Jets were a professional hockey team in the NHL from 1972 – 1996. The team was forced to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona that year due to the economic downturn though hockey in the great white North still thrives. While talk of a  franchise returning to Winnipeg, possibly from Phoenix itself escalates, other forms of Canada’s national pastime are observed in the interim. One such display was caught on film by Natural Habitat guide Brad Josephs this past polar bear season out in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area with an excited group of travelers. “>

A new plan for a polar bear exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo was unveiled this month with plans for a 10 acre park housing up yo six polar bears. A research center, interpretive center and orphaned cub rescue center will complete the exhibit complex. This should be quite the undertaking and  as zoos go, Winnipeg weather won’t have a hard time matching Churchill’s chilly Winter temps. Here is a link to get a more in depth look at what’s to come.

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