As the late Winter, otherwise known to most of us “Southern folk” as Spring, churns on in the Churchill region, a few more breaks in the ice, known as leads, appear. The temperatures have remained fairly steady the past week or so with minus 20’s C filling the air most days. Some scattered snow showers have kept the snow around the area looking fresh with a white top-coat.

The consistent cold bodes well for polar bears hoping for an extended season of seal-hunting on the Hudson Bay ice pack. With the late freeze -up last Fall, the ice still has some fragility despite the normal cold of this Winter. If the region were to receive an extended unusual thaw period, it could be devastating. The thaw coupled with heavy Northern winds allows for the propensity for ice break-up. Fortunately, it looks as if the season will continue without any risk of such early weakness in the surface ice. Consistent cold temperatures have allowed ice to continue forming throughout the season without interruption. We should see some healthy bears come Summer and into Fall. Can’t wait.

Winter in Churchill is a perfect time for the many local artists to work on their craft. Painters and stone carvers comprise the majority of local artisans, however technology has opened up a new door to artistic expression. Check out this animated video of Churchill by artist Kim Hunter. It portrays Churchill and the North in a refreshingly new way that anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit or live there would appreciate deeply.

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