I’ve been invited out to the Watchee Lodge in the Wapusk National Park near Churchill for several years now. Unfortunately the trip has not happened for me so far though after seeing the attached video piece by ABC television I hope to venture out there sometime soon.

Without question February and March can be cold beyond cold on the open tundra in search for mother and cub polar bears.The thrill of seeing the first interactions between mom and her young cannot be matched. When the bears finally break out of their winter homes, a once in a lifetime experience ensues and photographers stand shivering to capture amazing shots.

As much as Watchee lodge presents rare opportunities, mostly for accomplished photographers, to view these animals in their natural habitat, there are ample chances for others to see sows and cubs throughout the year. They reappear around Churchill after they emerge from dens they head to the coast to hit the ice for seal-hunting school. These encounters as well as Summer encounters can happen but are somewhat rare. Fall is still the best time to view cubs of the year or coy’s as they are known as well as one and two year-old’s with mom.

Big sparring males in October and November surely thrill the crowds of travelers however a serene day watching interactions of sows with their young is soulful.

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