The recent snow storm in Churchill has subsided and left a wintery veil over the imminent Spring weather seeping into the region. The snow storm was a reminder that Winter will not leave without a fight this June.

Calm Air flights were delayed many hours (unusual?) as the storm ripped through the area. Temperatures have risen into the mid teens Celsius in recent days and it looks like the beluga whale season is just around the corner. My favorite season will soon be showcasing wildflowers and whales. Many bird species and bird watchers are already in the area checking off lists…always searching for the elusive Ross’ gull. And, the long days are an opportunity to roam the tundra for hours taking in all the land offers under warm sun.

In anticipation of all the best polar bear and arctic photographers being featured in a new section of, here’s a video of some recent polar bear cub activity in Wapusk National Park by Thomas Mangelson, one of the best of them all. This is just a taste of what’s to come.

In the months ahead, I will be developing links to the premier polar bear and arctic photographers in the world in order to showcase their work here and allow all of you to see the best images, both still and video, on your favorite polar bear website.
Enjoy the video.

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