Multitudes of people travel to Churchill each year to try and glimpse the magical aurora borealis in the arctic sky. Weather often determines viewing success for these travelers and for that reason deep Winter is the optimal time to see the phenomenon. Cloudy skies in Fall and Summer can be barriers to optimal viewing while Winter, on the other hand, provides for more clear, crisp nights to take it all in.

Tonight and possibly friday night as well, might just provide the opportunity for many folks in North America to get a taste of this thrilling spectacle in the sky above. Depending on your location and darkness factor of your location, you just might be able to take it in as far South as Massachusetts and across the country through Colorado.

Intense solar flares occurring August 2nd from sunspot 1261, to be precise, have created optimal conditions in areas that normally would experience little or no “Northern lights” viewing possibilities. Hence the name, “Northern lights”. I guess it can be argued that just about evrywhere is “North” of somewhere and tonight, those more Southerly Northern spots will have the chance to see aurora. Follow me? Check this link at to clear things up…or confuse you a little more.

At any rate, if you have the chance and energy to get outside in a dark, low – lighted area, go for it and see if you can catch this amazing, mystical occurrence. it might just whet your appetite to venture North to Churchill and see the lights in all their glory above the arctic tundra.

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