Natural Habitat longtime guide Eric rock recently presented a webinar on polar bear photography. He also gets into other aspects of Churchill and what to expect from this amazing, unique environment nestled on the shore of the Hudson Bay in central Northern Canada. Eric has been guiding Churchill polar bear trips for about 15 years and has been exposed to every type of bear behavior and photography conditions many times over. He shares his wealth of knowledge here for those who may be going to Churchill this Fall or even Summer for the beluga whale and Arctic summer trips. Or, if you are thinking of a trip sometime down the road, take a look and you will gather some quite inspiring information on how to capture these beautiful animals with your lens.


Eric will give you incredible insight into northern Arctic photography and the essence of photographing polar bears..specifically in Churchill,MB..a tiny seaport town on the precambrian shield along the Hudson Bay. Not only does Eric give you technical advice, he also provides inspiring thought on the experience of sharing the land with the polar bear and the simplicity which surrounds the majestic creatures. take this treasure trove of information and store it in your own files or return to for this and other resources on Churchill and other informative articles about the area. Also, go to Facebook and like Churchill Polar Bears …like us…and you will get periodic reports and articles on Churchill and polar bears!

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