With the Churchill beluga whale season approaching I thought I’d offer up some inspiring photo’s from recent years guiding these amazing trips up in the North. Over twelve years of guiding Summer trips for Natural Habitat Adventures have produced a few stellar shots. Out on the water the action can be sublime. I would always warn travelers not to “focus” on trying to get that amazing shot, rather become part of the experience. Often the will to get the perfect shot creates a void between one and the actual wildlife encounter. In these days of technological immersion, the gap between the actual experience and seeing life through a camera is blurred. However, without hesitation, I know the real thing offers much more inspiration then looking through a lens. Tell that to an avid photographer. Certain excursions can be frustrating to photophiles …the power is somewhat lost from the side of an Italian -made zodiac. Either way, the experience with these incredible animals is transient and everlasting.

Beluga's in Churchill River.

This rare shot captures a beluga head above water. Photo-Steve Selden


Beluga hump in the Churchill River.

This is the most common photo taken of beluga whales in the waters around Churchill, MB. Photo-Steve Selden.


Mother with beluga calf in Churchill River.

Calf in mother's slipstream in Churchill River. The calves are darker gray color. Photo-Steve Selden.


Beluga whale under water,

Near the mouth of the Churchill River the water is crystal clear and belugas are quite visible under water. Photo-Steve Selden.


Pod of beluga whales in Churchill River.

A pod of male beluga whales near the mouth of the Churchill River. Photo-Steve Selden.

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