Here are some more shots from the amazing Summer adventures in Churchill. Reflecting back on some fantastic memories caught in these photo’s brings expectations for this season. Every Summer in the North is different. Weather can change instantaneously and create unique situations on the land and water. The beluga’s are omnipresent and display incredible various behavior on any different day.  The only times I have seen a scarcity of whales is when the Inuit hunters appear for a few days a couple of times each season. By treaty law they are able to cull a minimal number of whales. When they are in the area and when they have made a kill, all the whales in the river stay submerged as much as possible. They communicate the danger and fear through their echolocation senses. Otherwise the abundance is incredible and as I stated, the interactions are quite different each time on the water. Consider making the trip to Churchill soon….it’s an amazing experience in nature!

On the Churchill River.

Calm afternoon on the Churchill River. Photo Steve Selden.


Churchill beluga whale.

Curious male beluga near zodiac. Photo Steve Selden.


Beluga's submersible bubble.

These beautiful submersion bubbles are formed when the whale dives beneath the surface. Photo Steve Selden


Beluga emerging from the water.

An encore of my favorite shot from Summer. Rare capture of male beluga out of the water. Photo Steve Selden


Beluga sow with calf.

Beluga sows shelter calves in their slipstream. Darker calf stays close until later Summer. photo Steve Selden


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