As the Summer winds down in Churchill, the beluga whale population gives us amazing shots to capture on film…er camera..chips? Not sure how you say that anymore. Anyway some of these classic photo’s remind us how amazing it is out on the water of the Churchill River or Hudson Bay. With polar bears lurking along the shores of Eskimo point and Cape Merry, the Arctic feel is all around. Birds grace the air over the water looking for capelin stirred up by the whales. All in all one feels “in” nature…amazing.


Beluga looking up. Photo Katie Demeulles.


Beluga whale.

Beluga in the Churchill River. Rhonda Reid photo.


Tundra swans.

Tundra swans on shallow lake. Ed Bouvier photo.


Beluga in Churchill,MB.

Beluga whale in Churchill River, Churchill,MB. Steve Selden photo.


Trolling for beluga whales in the Churchill River.Beluga zodiac.



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