Nearly 1000 polar bears will inhabit the coastal region around Churchill, MB this October and November…and in fact some have already meandered into the area. Three times or more that number of people will make their way to Churchill to not only get a look at these incredible creatures but also get a feel for the Arctic wildlife. The lure of the frontier feel and simple life of living remotely has captured imaginations for as long as humans have lived. Churchill gets one close to that instinctive sense.

Polar bear on the precambrian shield.

Looking ahead to another polar bear season.

With all the new technology in the world that seemingly makes life “easier” for us all, there is still an innate striving to venture to remote lands where we can become one with nature again. Feeling a sense of mystery through landscape and wildlife allows our imaginations to run wild. When we travel to places like Churchill,MB to become a part of the migratory pattern of the polar bears we return to our prehistoric roots and feel alive like never before! The world wide web is exactly that…a web we sometimes become entangled in and for many we cannot find a way out. Our daily lives can become stagnate and to stimulate our dreams and sense of adventure it often takes a trip to a “wild” destination to rejuvenate our interpretation of the world and what we truly desire. After a pilgrimage of this sort, the mind often “reboots” ,if you will and you should, and a different perspective shapes our new dreams.

Polar bears sparring in the willows.

New beginnings for polar bears and travelers.

With the new season comes the annual blog from Churchill direct from guides escorting Natural Habitat groups on these amazing polar bear excursions. First hand reports will be published furnishing incredible stories, pictures and a new feature this season…video clips from the tundra. We are incredibly excited to offer this new look into the behavior of the creatures of the north…namely the polar bears. Feel free to comment on the stories and video and offer suggestions as how to improve our coverage. I hope to give all of you insight into how life in Churchill at this time of year takes on a frenetic, and often surreal sense of being the center of the universe. For about six to seven weeks it truly is!

Aurora borealis near Churchill, MB.

Aurora borealis in the sky above Churchill,MB. Eric Rock photo.

Early season reports from the tundra lodge have a few polar bears wandering around as the first group of the season is heading there today. The temperatures, just at the freezing mark of 0 degrees centigrade, are another good sign that the season should provide active bears with varied behavioral characteristics on display Another couple of bears have been in and out of Churchill proper so things are getting interesting in a hurry this year. Looking forward to an amazing season!

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