With phenomenal aurora borealis shining down from the heavens, Natural Habitat travelers on Brad Joseph’s photography journey into the Arctic landscape of Churchill, Manitoba are enjoying ample chances for some magnificent photo’s. Winter life at 58.47 degrees north is reduced to a simplicity most people on the planet do not have an opportunity to enjoy.  Outdoor activities stimulate the imagination while aurora stimulates fascination for the north. Check out these cool pics from this past trip!

Photographers under the aurora borealis.

Photographers under the aurora borealis. Photo Brad Josephs.

Igloo building in Churchill,MB.

Igloo building is zen in Churchill,MB. Brad Josephs photo.

Nanook of the north in an igloo entrance.

An igloo fit for Nanook of the north. Brad Josephs photo.

Dogsledding in the frozen north.

Churchill dogs running for the love of it. Photo Brad Josephs.

Aurora over the taiga.

Aurora borealis shines above the tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

Churchill River mushing hut under the aurora.

Incredible shot of musher hut with aurora above. Brad Josephs photo.


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