I took my son to a fishing derby yesterday organized by a charitable foundation called Joseph’s Journey for kids fighting terminal and life threatening diseases. I didn’t use a GPS to find Waterton Canyon..where it was held. I turned off my cell phone when we got there….well..after I took a call much to the scorn of my eight year- old.  And, my son never once asked for his Samsung tablet to play Minecraft….which I did sneak into the backpack just in case he,”needed” it. He didn’t. We were in a little hard to find place in our neck of the woods..so to speak.

Once the fish started biting, everything slowed down and the next two hours felt like a day. Two beautiful rainbow trout and some near catches later…Jack was all smiles and the sparkled allure of our new virtual electronic age had disappeared for most of the day. In fact..the hour and a half ride home was amazing with no requests for the game player…just talk of fishing and Jack playing with the yo-yo he got at the event. Just like the good old days.

Jack Selden fights the tug of a rainbow trout.

Jack working hard to bring in a rainbow trout. Photo Steve Selden

A nice rainbow trout at the derby.

Jack and his rainbow trout. Photo Steve Selden

So…now the north and Arctic are slowly catching..or rather being caught in the high tech electronic revolution net that is bringing every aspect of the world closer to home and attempting to eliminate any mystery still hiding out there. Let’s face it, discovery of the unknown is deeply embedded in the human genome. The problem with this concept is the Arctic’s allure as with other remote lands on this planet is ….well…the idea of their remoteness. Take that away and the allure goes with it to a great extent.

When Churchill, Manitoba finally turned on the cell service tower a couple of years ago, it felt like a little piece of northern soul was removed from this frontier town. Now travelers and locals can check their stocks, the news, wildlife sightings …whatever they like at any time and that seems a lot like cheating in some crazy fundamental sense. We love these types of places exactly for what they are…remote and raw. Unpredictable. When we start to remove the mystery from the ends of the earth with all the modern conveniences are we not killing the spirit that drives us innately to explore these lands?

This video below illustrates the Google mapping of Iqualuit, the capital of Nunuvut..the heart of the Arctic. Seems a little like an alien invasion to me…imagine ourselves as aliens to our own planet….quite the science fiction thriller indeed!


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