Local guide and photographer Rhonda Reid caught some of the action on the Churchill River recently. These are fresh from the cold water ( 42 F roughly in the mouth area of the river) up north …a preview of more to come.

Summer in Churchill attracts all kinds of marine and avian life to the Hudson Bay and Churchill River…an incredible bounty of life swirling in the air and water. Here’s some amazing photo’s to get everyone excited about traveling up to Churchill this Summer! Natural Habitat’s Arctic Summer journeys begin soon. Stay posted to follow their sightings and discoveries.Enjoy!

 Natural Habitat guide Sue Zajac will be heading to Churchill next monday with the first Arctic Summer group of the season. Cool weather and clear skies are predicted for the week and the landscape should already be washed in some wildflower colors. The short growing season provides for a frenetic blast of summertime changing palettes. This backdrop coupled with the varied wildlife surprises constantly revealing themselves makes for incredible experiences every day of the trip. Can’t wait to see what unfolds these next two months!








Photo: Love this guy.

Photo: Success

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