HBQ 2014 Times:

Red Lantern bib #3 Justin Allen 54:20:12
12th place bib #8 Bob Shanahan 44:38:12
11th place bib #14 Charlie Lundie 44:08:00
10th place bib #9 Jim Oehschlaeger 40:41:30
9th place bib # 4 Dan DiMuzio 40:34:52
8th place bib #13 Kevin Malikowski 39:44:20
7th place bib #6 Ernest Azure 38:30:23
6th place bib #15 Shawn McCarty 37:50:52
5th place bib #11 Josh Compton 36:15:47
4th place bib #5 Blake Freking 35:45:51
3rd place bib #12 Troy Groeneveld 35:32:53
2nd place bib #7 Peter McClelland 34:55:41
1st place bib #1 Ryan Anderson 34:35:32

Ryan Anderson,above, from Ray, MN won the 2014 Hudson Bay Quest with a time of 34:35:32….20 minutes ahead of Ely, MN runner – up Peter McClelland . The Red Lantern bib award ( last to finish) was secured by Quest rookie Justin Allen with a time of 54:20:12…20 hours off the first place finisher Anderson.

Photo: For those of you asking for the mileage here is a break down for you.The 210 mile race was free of any blizzard conditions this year though the temperatures were in the negative 35-40F range. With the upper half of finishers completing the course in just about a day and a half, overall the course ran pretty smooth and quick. After challenging the lead, race organizer and promoter and local Churchill resident, Dave Daley withdrew very close to the finish with cramping dogs. Unfortunately no official finish this year for Dave. I;m sure he will be counting the days until the 2015 HBQ.




Finish line in Gillam,MB. Tony Loewen photo.

Photo: Bib #7 Peter McClelland having a break at M'Clintock.

Bib #7 Peter McClelland having a break at M’Clintock. Nace Hagemann photo.

Photo: Bib #5 Blake Freking providing to one of his dogs at M'Clintock.

Bib #5 Blake Freking providing to one of his dogs at M’Clintock. Nace Hageman photo.

Warming hut along the trail. Nace Hageman photo.

Finish in Gillam. Nace hageman photo.


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