Natural Habitat’s first Churchill Arctic Summer group enjoyed an amazing week of flora, whales, birds and even five polar bears! An incredible feast of wildlife and wildflowers to start the summer.

Here’s the bird list..Bonnie Chartier  would be proud…

Gulls, arctic tern, osprey, raven, white-crowned sparrow, Canada goose, greater yellow legs, surf scoter, parasitic jaeger, sandhill crane, common eider, lesser scaup, American robin, whimbrel, mallard duck, red-breasted merganser, trumpeter swan, snow goose, Wilsonian godwit, horned grebe

IMG_5933 (1)

White-crowned sparrow with lunch. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

The five polar bears for July is quite a bounty. Here’s what Natural Habitat guide Stephanie Fernandez came across with her travelers. An adult male, A sow with two yearlings out at Eskimo Point and a snow white sow and cub out near halfway point while the group was on their polar rover excursion.

Sow and cub in the rocks off Eskimo Point. Stefanie Fernandez photo.

Sow and yearlings (coy’s) in the rocks off Eskimo Point. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

The colors of summer in Churchill are not in the sky but on the ground in the form of wildflowers. A continuous cycle of color explodes throughout the short growth season and then morphs into the earthen colors preceding fall. Life of the earth.








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