For more than 20 years Churchill local Metis elder Myrtle DeMeulles has been educating travelers to the area about the ways of living off the land and surviving in the sub-Arctic. Myrtle has been giving cultural presentations to Natural Habitat Adventures as well as other tour groups year round for as long as most anyone can remember.

With her trademark dry humor interwoven into a rich cultural historical talk, Myrtle in someways resembles the Grateful Dead…every “show” is unique and takes the listener down a winding road, enthralled by her story.

Caribou hide sculptures were first created by local Churchill Metis elder Myrtle DeMeulles.

Myrtle’s caribou hide sculpture.

Myrtle also has been creating caribou hide sculptural two-dimensional artworks for decades.

Here’s an insightful interview of Myrtle…check it out.

Come see Myrtle and the polar bears in person in Churchill, Manitoba with Natural Habitat Adventures.

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