A fast start to polar bear season 2014 has excited Natural Habitat guides and travelers sighting polar bears and other Arctic wildlife  all over the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA).
Polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba resting in the rocks.

Polar bear resting in the rocks.

Not to be outdone, although yearly, they clearly are, elevated numbers of ptarmigan scurried across the tundra…slipping in and out of the cover of willow stands. Guide Elise and group enjoyed the wide expanse of the land dotted by the flightless birds and then headed over to the Tundra Lodge where sparring bears gained widespread approval of wide-eyed onlookers aboard the polar rover.
Rock ptarmigan in Churchill, Manitoba.
 Another male polar bear on approach and one lounging out on the point beyond the lodge nibbling on grass were some bonus sightings for the early season group.

Overall it was an “incredibly diverse day of sun, snow and varying temperatures” according to Elise.

Sparring bears before the snow in Churchill.

Two polar bears spar in front of a pond, Brad Josephs photo,

A lurking bear close to the  school today might have been the same bear to inspire cracker shots from Manitoba Conservation officers last night.

Come see the polar bears…King of the Arctic in Churchill, Manitoba with Natural Habitat Adventures.




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