Polar bear season 2014 has come to a close in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area as well as the Churchill town vicinity. Polar bears in the area have headed out on the Hudson Bay ice pack in search of seals to forage. Although the last travelers to Churchill have had sparse bear sightings at best, the situation for the bears is ideal.

Sparring polar bears in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

Polar bears grapple in the willows. Colby Brokvist photo.

Overall this season has been extraordinary when it comes to the health of the polar bears and the number of sows and cubs in the area. The weather has been very fitting for the bears and the early freeze-up has enabled the polar bears to get out on the ice and start building their fat reserves back up.

A polar bear checks out travelers on the back of a Polar rover in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear taking roll call at a polar rover.

Here’s the link to the Conservation numbers of polar bear occurrences, fly-outs, in the compound, and releases throughout the season.

Ice pans collide to form pressure ridges in the Hudson Bay.

Hudson Bay ice floes collide and pack in tight. Karen Walker photo.

Here’s what a note on the Conservation Manitoba door read: “Bears were observed passing by Churchill on the ice on November 12th.  Started ice release on November 14th.  Completed ice release on November 16th.  Most bears are now on the ice on Hudson Bay.”

Aurora Borealis, Churchill, MB

Jeremy Pearson photo.

A truly memorable season is over ….looking forward to this winters’ aurora trips!

For information on this winter’s upcoming aurora borealis trips go to nathab.com!


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