Churchill, Manitoba is home to the king of the Arctic, polar bears, this time of year for many reasons though weather surely tops the list. You see, polar bears actually love the cold, snowy environment that slowly melds the surrounding tundra into the waters of the Hudson Bay forming a seemingly continuous icy landscape. When this happens, Ursus Maritimus walks out onto the bay and disappears into the white in search of sustenance for survival.

The two-month long period in between is intense and somewhat unpredictable thus the reason for so many travelers making the annual pilgrimage to Churchill, Manitoba.

Here are some recent photographs from Churchill submitted by Natural Habitat guides from their daily treks to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area…a polar bear waiting area for true winter in the north.

Polar bears spar in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

Polar bear dance…sparring. Brad Josephs photo.

A sun dog over the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba. Inukshuk in the foreground.

A sun dog casting its’ rays on an inukshuk. Brad Josephs photo.

Natural Habitat travelers photograph a polar bear from their polar rover in Churchill, Manitoba.

Natural Habitat travelers photographing a polar bear from their polar rover. Karen Walker photo.

A polar bear mother and cub of the year wander the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba.

A polar bear sow with its’ cub of the year. Sean Beckett photo.

A traveler examines some snow encrusted polar bear tracks in Churchill, Manitoba.

Natural Habitat polar bear guide Moire Le Patourel with polar bear tracks. Eric Rock photo.

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