There are many ways to see the natural wonders of Churchill. The diversity of the region and  the various modes of transportation, both land and sea based, afford some truly adventurous methods to see it all. From polar bears to beluga whales to all the other supporting animals in this Arctic cast of beautiful creatures, one can come to Churchill with Natural Habitat Adventures and see as much as you can!

A polar bear checks out travelers on the back of a Polar rover in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear taking roll call at a polar rover.

The polar rover is built from the wheels up by our local operator. It’s an amazing vehicle in its own right though when you see polar bears from the back open – air deck you will really see how magical both machine and bear are.

Polar bear sniffing a polar rover in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear looking for a free lunch. Brad Josephs photo.

You can’t get any closer to a polar bear than this in Churchill, Manitoba.

Hudson Bay helicopters transports bears northwest from the polar bear compound in Churchill, Manitoba.

Hudson Bay helicopter lifting off with a cargo of polar bears. Sean Beckett photo.

Hudson Bay Helicopters transports travelers to see the incredible landscape and wildlife below on the tundra and ice. They also play an integral part in wildlife management in the area by transporting bears and biologists to various destinations.

Traveling by helicopter to a polar bear den the traveler gets a view above Churchill, Manitoba.

A birds eye view from the helicopter above Churchill. Karen walker photo.

Helicopters offer a perspective of the open space and town of Churchill that is eye opening.

Beluga whales in the Churchill River under the watchful eyes of Natural Habitat travelers.

Natural Habitat travelers beluga watching in the Churchill River.

Zodiacs on the Churchill River offer a surface view of beluga whales you cannot get from a bigger vessel where you’re looking down on the whales.

Beluga whales rarely spyhop but do come out of water when swimming.

A beluga whale popping out from the Churchill River near the mouth where visibility is amazing. Steve Selden photo.

My favorite photo from my guiding years in Churchill. The thrill of seeing a beluga so close that the spray from his blowhole hits you in the face..

Whatever mode of wildlife adventure you experience you will have memories for a lifetime!




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