Everyone is still buzzing about the polar bear season that came to a close the third week of November. A relatively smooth season overall for Natural Habitat Adventures culminated with the last of the bears being released from the polar bear compound onto the Hudson Bay pack ice. Here are some more photos from a very memorable season.

A sun dog over the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba. Inukshuk in the foreground.

A sun dog casting its’ rays on an inukshuk. Brad Josephs photo.

Cubs of the year wrestle in the wilows of Churchill, Manitoba.

Two coy frolick in the willows. Colby Brokvist photo.

Polar bear sniffing at the polar rover from natural Habitat Adventures in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

Polar bear sniffing around the polar rover. Brad Josephs photo.

A polar bear print in the soft snow of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear print in the snow. Karen Walker photo.

Polar bears sparring in Churchill,MB.

Polar bears in sparring mode. Colby Brokvist photo.

Arctic fox sniffing the tundra for prey in Churchill, Manitoba.

Arctic fox sniffing the tundra for prey. Brad Josephs photo.







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