The Winter holidays are like no other to look at some favorite polar bear season photos from Churchill. These snowy scenes will give you all that white holiday feeling and hopefully inspire the Christmas or Hanukkah spirit if you’re a bit lacking up to now. Enjoy these amazing shots and come to Churchill to see the polar bears live someday soon.

Polar bear testing the frozen surface of the hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear testing the ice in Churchill.

Polar bears get at each other in the willows with some sparring activity. Churchill, Manitoba.

Sparring snowy polar bears in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

A polar bear mother and cub of the year wander the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba.

A polar bear sow with its’ cub of the year. Sean Beckett photo.

Two polar bears go at it ..sparring in the willows after a storm.

Sparring polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. Colby Brokvist photo.

Arctic fox foraging along the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba.

Arctic fox looking for lemmings.





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