Nearly all polar bears in the Churchill area have ventured onto the Hudson Bay pack ice. Although the northern winter seems unending in the far north, the time for polar bears to gather the sustenance they need from seal-hunting is relatively short. With the extreme weather and ice conditions working consistently to minimize the kill success of polar bears, every opportunity is treated as a golden one. Whatever fat-storage polar bears need to survive the increasingly ice-free summers, the majority must be accumulated through these “ice-solated” interactions. This season most polar bears seemed very healthy overall and hopes for another long ice-season are high.

Sow and cub in Churchill, Manitoba wait for the ice to form.

Sow and cub working the land. Colby Brokvist photo.

Pack ice on the Hudson Bay.

Pack ice forms on the Hudson Bay. Karen Walker photo.

A group of polar bears gathers for some sparring. Sandra Elvin photo.

A group of bears gathers to spar. Sandra Elvin photo.

Polar bears wandering the coast in Churchill,MB.

Two polar bears explore the coastline. Karen Walker photo.

Churchill polar bear on a frozen thermakarst,

Polar bear on the frozen thermakarst near the hudson Bay. Photo: Paul Brown

Churchill . Manitoba displays the amazing aurora.borealis.

Aurora shines brightly in the Churchill night.








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