The photo of the week is one I have used in the past with other posts. It’s “surfacing” again to get you excited about the summer season as well as illustrate a concept in a recent post. This photograph was probably the best one I took in 10 – plus years of guiding Churchill Summer adventures with the main draw being the beluga whales. It was one of thousands of photographs of water with cloudy whales below the surface. Sure, I probably passed up multiple similar select opportunities to capture images as good or better. However, I stand by the tenet of taking in the experience in a more “live” way and not focusing too much on camera or video usage. Enjoy the experience and save the best images in your memory!

Beluga whales rarely spyhop but do come out of water when swimming.

A beluga whale popping out from the Churchill River near the mouth where visibility is amazing. Steve Selden photo.

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