Here are five aerial views of Churchill and the surrounding landmarks. Helicopter excursions on Hudson Bay Helicopters are a unique way to view the geography and major landmarks of the Churchill region. Many of the areas can be reached by foot, boat or polar rover though the birds-eye view provides another perspective. Only through this viewpoint can one get an appreciation of the expanse of the land and water in the sub and northern Arctic.

Fort prince of Wales in Churchill, Manitoba.

Fort Prince of Wales covered with snow. Brad Josephs photo.

Traveling by helicopter to a polar bear den the traveler gets a view above Churchill, Manitoba.

A birds eye view from the helicopter above Churchill. Karen walker photo.

MV Ithaca shipwreck rests in Bird Cove in Churchill, Manitoba

MV Ithaca in Bird Cove, Churchill, MB. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Tundra Lodge in Churchill, MB.

Tundra lodge. Steve Selden photo.

Port of Churchill in Churchill, Manitoba.

Port of Churchill. Steve Selden photo.

 Come see these incredible views from the air as well as all the wildlife of the Churchill region





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