The Hudson Bay Quest has finished with unofficial results posted. Tom Terry was the last musher heading into Churchill after being caught in a ground blizzard yesterday and the official word is that he scratched from the race. Tom arrived into Churchill today and the other mushers were there to welcome him in.

Tom Terry arrived in Churchill to officially end the 2015 Hudson Bay Quest.

Tom Terry safely into Churchill. Courtesy Hudson Bay Quest.

Overall the mushers had good weather over the course of the race. Some had to battle through the ground blizzard that blew in at the tail end of the race. While time results have been posted, the official place finishes will be revealed tonight at the mushers banquet at 5:30 pm in Churchill.

I won’t speculate as to the 2015 winner at this point as the times can be  adjusted by the race marshal for different infractions over the course. Stay tuned for final results in tomorrow’s post!

Mushers and dog teams arrive into Churchill at the Hudson Bay Quest finish line.

Mushers Dave Daley #3 and Justin Allen #4 arrive at the Churchill finish in this year’s Hudson Bay Quest. Courtesy Hudson Bay Quest.

Sled dog in 2015 Hudson Bay Quest.

An eager participant of this years Hudson Bay Quest. Laurie Dingwall photo.

Justin Allen Musher 2015 Hudson Bay Quest.

Justin Allen in bib #4. Laurie Dingwall photo.

Avid fan of the 2015 Hudson Bay Quest

An avid fan congratulates her grandpa at the finish in Churchill. Laurie Dingwall photo.

Musher Dave Daley and dog exchange congratulations.

Musher Dave Daley congratulates one of his race dogs. Laurie Dingwall photo.

Justin Allen and sled dog.

2015 Musher Justin Allen and sled dog post race. Laurie Dingwall photo.


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