Polar Bear season is still six months away and polar bears for the most part are enjoying a bountiful seal hunting season out on the ice of the Hudson Bay before finding their way back to the familiar shores of the rocky Hudson Bay.

This array of polar bear photos highlights various behavior during the season of October and November. When you visit Churchill during prime season you can witness first-hand all the different interactions at once if you have a bit of luck.

Enjoy these magnificent polar bear images from the tundra of Churchill!

Sparring polar bears on the Churchill, Manitoba tundra.

Sparring bears captured up close with a telephoto lens. Brad Josephs photo.

Cubs of the year wrestle in the wilows of Churchill, Manitoba.

Two coy frolick in the willows. Colby Brokvist photo.

Polar bear in the Hudson Bay. Churchill.

Polar bear sow and cub in the Hudson Bay. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Polar bear checking out the people in a polar rover. Churchill.

Polar bear explores a polar rover with awed travelers on board. Brad Josephs photo.

Two coys nurse from mom on the tundra in Churchill,MB.

Coys nursing in the CWMA. Eric rock photo.

A polar bear chills in the snow.

Chillin in the snow. Colby Brokvist photo.

polar bear nose

Polar bear sniffing at the window. Brad Josephs photo.

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