After over a year of planning, researching and coordinating in Churchill, Natural Habitat’s new Aurora Pod was put to the test in March. I made the journey north to assist with placement and set-up along the Hudson Bay coast.

Northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba.

Northern lights above the aurora pod. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

The view out across the frozen bay and east over the snowy Precambrian shield was an immediate fit for what we were looking for. Boreal forest behind the pod shelters from wind while scattered krumholz white spruce in the foreground provide ultimate northern lights photography options. The setting allows for alternative photo experiences in daylight as well.

Inukshuk and Precambrian shield.

Inukshuk in the foreground with Precambrian shield in the distance. Courtesy natural Habitat Adventures.

The natural, sheltered nook in which the pod sits provides the ultimate location for taking in the incredible expanse of sea, land and sky of the sub – Arctic region. Overall the first test of the Aurora Pod was phenomenal. Travelers immediately experienced the perspective of viewing aurora borealis from the interior as well as using the ample open land surrounding the pod to set up tripods and capture the light show digitally. The effects were spectacular. Photographs of the pod lit subtly from within from the pellet stove also proved quite unique as well.

Natural Habitat Aurora Pod with northern lights.

Aurora Pod with the northern lights in the distance. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Overall the conception of a portable pod from which to view the the ever changing landscape and dynamic northern lights has proved a glowing success. Natural Habitat is eager to utilize the Aurora Pod for the fall polar bear season in October and November.

northern lights in Churchill boreal forest

View from the south side of the Aurora Pod facing the boreal forest.  Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

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