A majority of the travelers that come to Churchill view the incredible land and wildlife at tundra level on Polar Rovers or by foot. Polar bear season of course provides viewing from a raised vehicle through the Churchill wildlife management Area. In summer, hiking through the tundra and along the rocky coast provides a unique opportunity to get close to the land and see the micro ecosystems that are the roots of the Arctic and all that makes it such an incredible region.

The view and expanse of the land from a helicopter gives one a completely different perspective. The boreal forest stands alone from the wide open tundra and the Hudson Bay goes on forever to the north. I never tire of seeing the landmarks as well as the land from the air. Enjoy these photographs of the Churchill region!

Tundra Lodge in Churchill, MB.

Natural Habitat Tundra lodge. Steve Selden photo.

Port of Churchill in Churchill, Manitoba.

Port of Churchill on the Churchill River. Photo Steve Selden

Fort prince of Wales in Churchill, Manitoba.

Fort Prince of Wales on the West side of the Churchill River. Steve Selden photo.

Two polar bears near the Hudson Bay coast.

Two polar bears near the coast in November. Karen Walker photo.

Polar bears in Churchill, MB

Polar bears along the Hudson Bay coast. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Churchill, Manitoba and the port of Churchill.

A view through Churchill, to the port and north over the Hudson Bay. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Churchill rocket range, Churchill, MB.

A closer look at the Churchill Rocket Range today. Steve Selden photo.

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