Having spent over ten years of guiding Churchill Arctic summer trips, I have many fond memories of the time spent there and frequently remember stories from those days out on the tundra of the Churchill region and water of the Hudson Bay. Many of the incredible events were not captured by camera though some were and are really just a bookmark of a greater story. Here are a few photos I did mange to get and I hope you enjoy them!

Beluga whales rarely spyhop but do come out of water when swimming.

A beluga whale popping out from the Churchill River near the mouth where visibility is amazing. Steve Selden photo.

Grain ship awaits docking at the port of Churchill.

Grain vessel awaits docking at the Port of Churchill. Photo Steve Selden

Tundra swans.

Tundra swans on shallow lake. Ed Bouvier photo.

Sea North 2 in the Churchill River.

Sea North 2 on the Churchill River looking for belugas. Photo Rhonda Reid.

Polar bear in Button Bay. Steve Selden photo.

Polar bear in Button Bay. Steve Selden photo.

Fossil hunting on the beach in Churchill.

Fossil hunt on the beach in Churchill, MB. Steve Selden photo.

Wildflowers in Churchill, Manitoba.

Wildflowers on the tundra in Churchill. Steve Selden photo.

Pisew Falls near Thompson, Manitoba.

Pisew Falls near Thompson, Manitoba. Steve Selden photo.

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