These Churchill Photos of the week are by Rhonda Reid and one by Stephanie Fernandez. Over 200 species of migrating birds come to Churchill during this time to take advantage of the bountiful feeding grounds. Only about 10 overwinter in Churchill. Look for postings from our local photographers and Churchill Arctic summer guides….much more to come!

Tundra swans in Churchill.

Tundra swans getting an early start. Rhonda Reid photo.

Sunset and Canada geese in Churchill.

Churchill amber sunset with Canada geese in the sky. Rhonda Reid photo.

White crowned sparrow in Churchill, MB

White crowned sparrow on lichen encrusted rock. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Hudsonian godwit on the Churchill shore.

Hudsonian godwit near the Churchill shore. Rhonda Reid photo.





See the birds of Churchill’s Arctic summer!

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