These polar bear mother and cub(s) shots are a great way to start the week. With Churchill Arctic summer season coming fast, it’s a nice way to look back or even ahead to October and November when the bears will congregate around the Churchill region. Of course summer always presents opportunities to come across polar bears arriving early in the area. Guiding many Churchill summer seasons, I had the opportunity to interact with bears on the tundra and coastline at the most unexpected times. These thrills will be with me for a lifetime. Enjoy these images from Churchill!

Polar bears in Churchill, MB.

Mother and cub in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear mom and cubs.

Polar bear mom and cubs on the Hudson Bay. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Mother and cub polar bear on the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba.

Mother and cub polar bear. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Two coys nurse from mom on the tundra in Churchill,MB.

Coys nursing in the CWMA. Eric rock photo.

Churchill polar bears.

Polar bear mom and cubs. Brad Josephs photo.

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