Sir John Franklin’s lost ship the Erebus was found this past year in Queen Maude Bay in the high Arctic and some of the ships artifacts have been collected and organized into an exhibit that will be on display at various venues throughout Canada over the next several months. The exhibit is currently open in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and runs through July 5th.

A visitor to this morning's sneak preview of the exhibit, Echoes in the Ice - Finding Franklin's Ship, examines display of artifacts.

A sneak preview of the Erebus exhibit; Echoes in the Ice – Finding Franklin’s Ship, a display of artifacts from the recent discovery. Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC photo.

The exhibit mainly contains photos and videos of the discovery of the ship that was lost looking for the Northwest passage in 1845. In the years to come the exhibit surely will grow to contain many additional artifacts raised to the surface after they are carefully documented and mapped underwater. Speculation is abuzz that Churchill’s own “Lady Franklin” stained glass window that currently is displayed in the Anglican church in town might be included. John Franklin’s wife gave this to the 40 groups of searchers who looked for Franklin and his lost expedition over the years. The treasure was moved to Churchill from York Factory in 1967…apparently as lore has it in a barrel of molasses.

Lady Franklin stained glass window in Churchill,MB.

Close – up of the Lady Franklin stained glass window. Karen Walker photo.

Fascinating video of the wreck site has been collected this spring when ice still sealed the ocean surface and prevented any disruption of the silt from wave action.

The exhibit moves to Moose Jaw, and runs from July 5 to September 27. Following that time it will open in North Battleford and open in January.

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